Brockett Creative Group’s methodology for marketing includes a dynamic inbound approach. By creating and aligning campaigns and website content with your target audience, we can help you increase traffic, attract visitors, and engage them more fully by converting, closing, and impressing them.

As part of our strategy, we:

  • Attract – As the first and most important part of our market research, BCG will develop personas: models that encompass characteristics of all potential visitors or customers, so that we can fully understand our client’s audience. We can then effectively address strengths and market practices at each stage of the process.
  • Convert – Once we have drawn people to your site, BCG helps to convert visitors into leads through call-to-action, information exchange, or communication.
  • Close – Providing clear, easy-to-find, relevant content is what ultimately helps your visitors make the decision to utilize, visit, and trust our client’s brand.
  • Impress – How do you create promoters? By providing customers or visitors with an outstanding experience, excellent customer service, and relevant content.