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Logo development: More than meets the eye

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Logo development: More than meets the eye

Logo development

When building a brand, a good logo is essential to its overall identity and marketing strategy. In recent years, several websites offering fast, inexpensive logo design have come onto the scene, which may make you think about using that rather than an agency with a designer. However, it is important to bear in mind that in logo design, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.

What’s the big deal about a logo?

Your logo is the first thing consumers notice; it’s often your first method of communication with an audience. Think about it…your logo will be everywhere – your website, commercials, print ads, collateral (printed materials such as brochures), and even items like clothing and coffee mugs. Aside from your product or service, your logo will be most closely associated with your brand: when you think of Nike, you probably think of athletic shoes first, and the Swoosh immediately after. So, we’d say that having a good logo is extremely important to your brand.

Logo Aspects and Considerations

  • Your logo establishes a consistent brand image, identity, and message, and reinforces your reputation.
  • Your logo design should be memorable, a clean and simple design,  easy to recognize, and unique from your competition.
  • Logos are used in a wide array of applications, including digital (think of your website or a digital billboard or marquee), print, and embroidery.
  • With this variety of uses in mind, you should have several options from which to choose so that your logo will look its best wherever it’s used. In addition to vertical and horizontal orientations, you should also include black and white, reversed, and icon-only versions in your stable.

Want to see exactly how much logo design matters to a brand? Check out When Hermes Met Duncan: See What Happens When Brands Freaky-Friday Their Logos.

Working with an agency such as BCG, you’ll get personalized attention and guidance in developing a logo that’s right for your brand. Additionally, when BCG creates a logo for a client, we also provide a style guide that outlines sizing rules, colors used, overlaying rules, and fonts used so that these aspects can be incorporated into any advertising or collateral you create for a consistent message and appealing appearance.

To get started on a logo that is uniquely yours, email or call BCG at 315-797-5088 and we’ll get started.

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