Looking at the Data: Website Analytics

Websites take a lot of resources to create and maintain, so naturally we want to have information about how they’re performing. Website analytics provide not only data about website traffic, but they can be studied to help you maximize your marketing budget.

Analytics measure:

  • Website visits
  • Individual page clicks
  • Time spent on site
  • Which landing page (link to call to action post) results in the greatest number of conversions (users who make a purchase)
  • Nations that visitors are coming from
  • Demographic information of visitors (age and gender)
  • Behavior: new vs. returning, frequency and recency, engagement
  • The device and browser they are using to access the site

Each of these points can be mined for valuable information about current and potential customers and can tell you what parts of your marketing are yielding the greatest return on your investment.

As a certified Google Partner, the professionals at Brockett Creative Group can create and analyze a website analytics account for you. To learn more email or call us at 315-797-5088.