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An Introduction to Google Grants for Non-profits

Google Grants provides 501(C)(3) non-profits with $10,000 per month in free Google advertising credit to promote your mission, vision and programs.  Advertising on Google provides greater exposure for your non-profit organization.

This page will give you insight into Google Grants, how to get started.

At Brockett Creative Group we use Google Grants to create an effective strategy to increase donations and raise awareness of your mission, vision, and programs.

Insight into Google Grants

Ever since its inception, Google has been one of the most profitable industries in the world. The California-based tech giant has witnessed substantial growth, both in terms of sales revenue and an ever-expanding customer/client base.

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online advertising services that allows advertisers to compete for displaying brief advertising copy to web users, using relevant keywords and hyperlinks to their official website. AdWords further offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising solutions that allow advertisers to redirect web traffic to their business websites in exchange for a fee, paid directly to Google.

For all businesses, investing in Google AdWords and designing AdWords optimized web ads is crucial for business and revenue growth. While a for-profit business can easily recover the cost of web design and PPC (pay per click) from an increase in revenue, a non-profit organization finds itself facing specific challenges.

To help non-profit organizations use Google AdWords efficiently for marketing and advertising purposes without bearing high costs, the ambitious Google Grants incentive was launched.

This program can best be described as a “non-profit edition” of AdWords. Google Grants gives free advertising solutions to almost all nonprofit organizations. Non-profits that are eligible for Google Grants are entitled to $10,000 per month in Search Engine advertising with Google.

If your nonprofit qualifies for Google Grants, you will be able to promote your non-profit online to engage with new users to increase donations, volunteers, etc. While Google provides this program for non-profits, they ask that the grant either be managed by an expert (experienced AdWords user) or for the non-profit to hire a qualified agency to provide results and keep the account in good standing.

The ultimate marketing tool for non-profits

All non-profits want to promote their mission, vision, and programs in the hope of generating donations and support. Non-profits will turn to online strategies, specifically creating a website, to showcase their programs and the work they have done. Non-profits hope that by having a website, they will generate donations; but having a website alone shouldn’t be the only online strategy in place for generating donations. There has to be a plan in place to promote your website; and that’s where Google Grants comes in.

For nonprofit organizations, Google Grants provides nearly unlimited online marketing, publicity and brand recognition.

How does Google Grants work exactly?

When searching on Google there are two types of results: organic and paid. Organic search results are the type that Google selects to be listed based upon over 400 points of criteria. In the example shown below, these results are the ones listed below the gray line. Paid search results are the ones usually listed above the organic search results. Again referring to the example below, ads can be recognized by the yellow box with the word “Ad” in it. They usually appear at the top of the organic search results.

Google Grants targets the paid searches. You pick search terms (keywords) that you would like to drive ad traffic to on page one, such as “How to help build a well in Africa,” like shown below. Every keyword has a price “per click”. This price can be as little as a penny to as high as $50 per click. With Google Grants, you have a $2 cost-per-click restriction. Once your ad goes live, users can click on your ad and are taken to your website to learn more.

How is the $10,000 Google Grants used?

Every month, your non-profit will receive a $10,000 credit applied to your AdWords account.

Let’s say that during one of those months, you spend $6,000 out of the $10,000; you will not receive a $4,000 check for the amount leftover, nor does that amount carryover to the next month.

Google does not charge your AdWords account when your ad goes live. You are only charged if a user clicks on your ad. The cost of that click ($0.01 – $2.00) will be deducted from your monthly $10,000. If your company’s clicks come in at $0.25 each, theoretically, you could realize up to 40,000 clicks in one month. Once your $10,000 budget is completely used up, your ads will stop showing until the new monthly cycle begins.

Is My Non-Profit Eligible for Google Grants?

Only non-profit organizations falling within Section 501c(3) are eligible for the grant. In addition, the following guidelines apply:

  •  The organization must hold valid and current status of charity, as determined by the rules of the country of incorporation of such organization.
  •  The organization must agree to, acknowledge, and be in possession of a certification that verifies that the organization does not follow any discriminatory policies for the receipt and use of the donations made.
  •  The organization must have a working website with complete, comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly information.

Furthermore, the following nonprofit organizations will not qualify for Google Grants:

  •  Governmental entities and their organizations.
  •  Medical groups, clinics and hospitals.
  •  Academic institutions, childcare centers, universities and schools. (Philanthropic branches of an educational institution are eligible.)

Applying for Google Grants

Brockett Creative Group will apply for the Google Grant on your behalf.  Further, we will establish a new Google AdWords account for your organization.  We will assign one person from your organization to be the primary contact for the account and will be granted top-level, administrative access to the AdWords account.

Setting up the Ad Campaigns

Once the Google Grant is approved, we will begin the very scientific task of generating keywords and ads that will take the Google user to a page of your choosing.
You will choose the individual web site pages to be used for this program.

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