Email Marketing: Efficiently Producing Results

Email marketing has been around for what seems like forever. From newsletters to product announcements to coupons, chances are that if you have an email address, you’re subscribed to some form of email marketing.

With so much emphasis put on social media lately, it’s easy to forget about the benefits of a good ol’ email marketing campaign. Here are some of the reasons that we at Brockett Creative Group advise so many clients to choose this messaging method:

  • Email marketing has the best return on investment out of all other marketing efforts.
  • Recipients opt in, so they are choosing to engage with your brand. There is something about your product or service that your subscribers like, to the point that they invite your messages into their Inboxes (better than the Spam folder!). Your email communications help build the relationship between your brand and your customers (or even your brand and your vendors).
  • Email marketing is far more affordable than mailing print pieces. The costs of design, printing, and postage add up quickly, and their combined cost could break your budget in no time.
  • With the Internet and email being accessed on mobile devices, email marketing that is mobile friendly (link to RWD post) allows your audience to view your pieces while on the go.
  • For eCommerce sites, an automatically generated message can thank your customers for a purchase or donation immediately, which strengthens the relationship between your brand and the consumer.
  • Newsletter/marketing software allows for personalization: it is possible to have name and list segmentation for recipients, so that messages can be targeted to specific demographics, and the logo/colors/branding for the sender match your corporate identity.
  • Email marketing allows you to communicate in real time: you can make your consumers aware of recalls, surprise sales, and response to issue (e.g. to clarify that you do not use a controversial product that’s been in the news) instantly.
  • It is very easy to track who is opening your email marketing messages and to see who is clicking through the links in them; this helps you learn about your customers’ behavior and find out what caught their attention, what interested them, and what didn’t!
  • Email marketing is shareable to social media platforms, so recipients can share with their friends and followers, taking your message that much further.
  • Good email marketing pieces will drive recipients to your website, where they will learn about your brand, and eventually take action.
  • With Approximately 2.6 billion email users worldwide, with an average of 1.7 accounts per user , why wouldn’t you use this efficient and cost-effective method of reaching an audience?

Is your daily planner already maxed out, with no time to put together email marketing? BCG can design the look, manage the address list, write the letter/advertising piece, and send it on your behalf. Call us at 315-797-5088 or shoot us an email, and let’s discuss!