Brockett Creative Celebrates Move Back to Hometown Clinton

August 29th, 2018 — ( )

CLINTON — Brockett Creative Group (BCG) has expanded and moved back to where it all began — in Clinton.

Matthew Brockett started BCG in 2002. One of his first offices was located behind Clinton Cleaners. As the company grew, it was relocated to New Hartford where it flourished into a bustling full-service marketing company, offering website design, marketing services, branding, videography, public relations, copywriting and social media.

This month, BCG celebrates its 16th year in business as the company relocates once again to the site of the former Clinton Cleaners on College Street.

Brockett began as a designer and developed BCG in his small home office. After a very short period of time, business began to flourish, he started developing websites and he moved to quaint office behind Clinton Cleaners.

“Matt wanted to keep growing the business to offer a full range of marketing services, this meant he needed to take on more employees, which lead to the move to Middle Settlement Road,” said Catrina M. Dibble, director of marketing/client advocate for BCG. “Things were bustling along and he once again outgrew the location, this year we have grown from nine employees to 11. Matt began the hunt for a new larger space and as it would happen, we landed back in Clinton right in front of his old office space.”

Dibble said the new location is more accommodating for clients, has a “fresh feel,” lends itself to a more “creative” environment, and is a larger space. The old location, 4299 Middle Settlement Road in New Hartford, was approximately 1,100 square feet and the new office is 1,800 square feet.

“At the core of BCG is the fusion of art and science,” Dibble said. “From striking visuals and creative content, to database systems and detailed analytics to measure results, we weave the right and left brain together to create campaigns that stand out in in the noise.”

BCG has clients from large corporations and small enterprises, along with non-profit organizations and private universities. Clients include Brown & Associates Certified Public Accountants & Consultants, CMI (Corporate Magnetic Imaging), Path Through History Mohawk Valley Region, Rosco Terminal Tackle, Sturges Manufacturing Co., Inc., McGriffith, Inc. Investment Services and RCIL (Resource Center for Independent Living).

“We’re truly proud to call central New York home, and Brockett Creative Group was formed out of the desire to enhance the lives of those who work and live here,” Brockett said. “We derive inspiration from our beautiful surroundings in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and from the industrious spirit of the people we serve. One-hundred percent of all creative development and management is performed right in our Clinton office.”